by The Corporate Life

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Our debut album


released November 25, 2013



all rights reserved


The Corporate Life Clarington, Ontario

Rantings on sociopolitical subjects, set to loud guitars and percussion. We manage to squeeze into a few genre categories, as listed somewhere else.

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Track Name: Burning The Capital
Burning The Capital

Shattering the peace,
and the blood is pouring,
out in to the streets
while the bodies lie
dead in disarray
and the fire burns
black into the sky
there will be no sleep
not tonight

And we may never know
all the suffering
the picture doesn't show
but it shouldn't change
a fire in my soul
looking for a way
to resist the fight,
and unify.

I don't want to be the one,
to bring you back the tragic news

In vain!

I refuse to be the one
to let this go without a fight
Track Name: Pomme De Terror
Pomme De Terror

You're looking down upon us
With loathing and indifference
from ancient rotting spires
The plebians, misguided, and a tithe our only value

You were not contented by a life with questions answered,
through reason and empirical dissection of the inquest.
Decree a purge of what your narrowed dogma calls antipathy,
as if you define sin, you're justified to cast the stones!

How much more hatred and blood can we spill,
in the name of these fictions, we're swallowing whole
Buried our visions, in spite of free will.
Take a bite of this apple and open your eyes!

Bite this apple!
Open your eyes!
Bite this apple!
Open your eyes!
Track Name: Rest In Peace, Jimmy
Rest In Peace, Jimmy

Do you recall what you stood for?
Or maybe it's just what I saw
Your blackened eyes like a corpse
The paradigm now created

Vanish in a breath, inhaled virus
Spread, network, infecting the host
This willing cancerous mutation
Becoming the blood in my veins

Give the people what they want
This our mass distraction
It won't matter, they won't think

Through the veil
Cleverly constructed
To keep us complacent

Your life is a stage!
And you're getting played!
These days in the sun!
Will wither away!

You gave them your soul!
They'll forget your name!
It won't mean a thing!
Discarded the same!

Come live in the culture asylum
Idolize whatever you're told
Prey on the fear, insecurities
Inspire a culture that sells

Is there any value to living
Inside a commodity cage
I want to be more than an object
Never planned to be here for you

You stand alone at last
Fifteen golden minutes
To prove you're no one

Just like the rest of us
Realize your potential
Before it's fucking smothered
Track Name: Dead To Me
Dead To Me

Bleeding! Drowning!
How life! Is now!
Stuck and Lying!
To my conscience!

How could I betrayed this? Now I,
watch you play the victim, Does it,
even fucking matter when there's,
Such manipulation

Loss, confusion
drown my soul
Now I'm Judas!
Now I rot!

And I can't explain this!

Feel dead inside!

Throw this away?
Or walk away?
A losing battle
of forcing hands

Feeling my decay
It's eating me alive
This will not consume me
This won't be my life

'You just need a fix,
need to fill the void
in your heart

She cannot replace
what you never had

blame it on your life,
friends and family
is it them?

Is it just a crutch
that you lean upon
to hide the blame'

Don't look back on
These Broken bonds
These Empty hearts
These unspoken lies

And the past is buried,

Dead and gone!

Did I give you nothing
And take your life?
Held in my hands
What you victimized?

Drunken anger
reveals the truth
his words like daggers
a life agonized

I am Judas!
I will rot!
I am Judas!
I'm Betrayed!
Track Name: Diehards

Black clouds allude to guilt
Priorities aren't what they seem
It's sold to you
Packaging made to look so clean

This retribution
Disguised as freedom, based on lies
It's never ending
The hatred grows in childrens' eyes!

Talking heads on prime time
Conjuring images of fear
Lines in the sand have made it clear

The faces changing
Can't change the policies of greed
Die hard aggression
And millions dying on their knees

We've seen the fires
They're burning everywhere but here
On foreign shores
Kept out of mind, they disappear

Talking heads on prime time
Conjuring images of fear
Lines in the sand have made it clear

The faces changing
Can't change the policies of greed
Die hard aggression
And millions dying on their knees
Track Name: Cheap Hope, Costly Methods
Cheap Hope, Costly Methods

A moth to flame in darkness do you
Ever watch the sunrise
Waking up to pressure and the
Turning of your insides

This is what we've become a new
Cult of self indulgence
Caste divisions surface through
Synthetic self importance

Never rest a waking moment
Consequence unquantified, this
Present tense existence leads you
To your self destruction

Subject to opinions of the
Masses that define you
Symptoms of regression it's my
Diagnosis: stagnating progress

One day when you're falling backwards, suddenly awakened by the light!
Empires created but it's nothing more than visions in your head!
Faces fade to grey and black, the bloating corpses of a wasted youth!
This is what your memories, or lack of them, may cost you in the end!
I am not the one to make the choices that define what you'll become!
Mirrors are for more than drawing lines to lose the things you're running from!
Track Name: The New Ape
The New Ape

Walk away, just look away!
Forget this!

Walk away, just look away!
Forget me!

Fuel your rage, and fuel your hate!
Your violence!

Build a wall and kill a dream
And die alone!

In a world where there's no room for grey!
We have come so far yet still remain!

Chained to the ghosts of our past
Dead ideals that stubbornly persist to
Tear away the progress
That we've made

How will we meet our end
If we stray down this road of
Anger, fear, and bloodshed

Limitations of our evolution!

Dire circumstances of survival!

I will not shed this mind of man
Become primal ape again!
Track Name: The Blood On My Hands
This is all I've known
It feels like forever
Stars and stripes and flames
Lifetimes of hatred
Hearts and minds and lies
Truth unacknowledged
Ten years down the line
Waiting for change

But we

Feel nothing
Blinders on
World at war

This won't be the same
We will never change
This won't be the same
We will never change

Blood stains
our hands

Blood stains
our hands

Blood stains
our hands

We won't
We won't
We won't
We won't

Track Name: Song 2 (The Fairweather Anarchist)
Feel I've done my best today
To give you every chance you take,
It's time to bury past regrets

Count the times you stab me in the back,
It's just the price I pay to learn
That you will never change!

How can you suppress the fact
Your life's not how you want it?
Living through a proxy in your world of insecurities
Wish you could be anyone else,
Why not try to just be yourself
You live a life locked in fear!

I've grown out of all these broken dreams and stories
That I once believed could set my life apart

But you try to prove yourself now,
Day-in, day-out stand on the backs
Of all the people you called friends

Your misplaced ideals
Have made you a hypocrite!
All your words are bullshit

Spreading vicious rumours and slander
Won't win respect
And I will not abide it